Vst audio to midi

tried asio4all and I think it helped but I can still feel/hear the key hit before the note plays, very subtle, but its 4sure there. I have an electric piano next to it so I can feel the responsiveness of that and go back and forth. I'll totally buy the 0 interface, just skeptical because there are 30-40 usb interfaces, but who knows if they would kill all the latency. I've been trying to be able to play monochromatic notes with my guitar so it plays a synth but I can't seem to figure it out. So far I've tried the synodeia 2 and the audio to midi plugins but I think these plugins might be outdated and don't work with newer software, I don't know it just doesn't work. The plugin detects the audio just fine, but it doesn't seem to output any midi signal after assigning it a midi out and the synth the same midi in channel. Anyone Does shit like that exist? I'm heavily invested in FL Studio and don't want to have to buy Live but I am fine with purchasing a program like that if it's reasonably priced. Any leads. So lets say for example I had a one second MIDI note at 'F2' sent to a synthesizer generating a sawtooth wave, and the oscillator was being frequency modulated by another oscillator which generated a lot of additional harmonics that went way above the Nyquist frequency. Could I just lower this MIDI note down to the note 'F1', stretch it out twice as long so it now lasts two seconds, bounce this to audio and then transpose the audio sample back up to F2 again to improve the quality I've been producing with Ableton for several years and I have always have a problem with leaving my Midi Progressions and Composition alone so I have adopted keeping everything in the Midi/VST channels that the instrument stem comes from "in case" I want to change it. Because I always do. Here is my problem. I leave it open to change which creates this endless loop of never committing to a specified chord progression or melody. I heard Datsik say in an interview that it's important Okay so as I said I want to hear my piano vst coming from live AND the internal drum machine on my keyboard at the same time. It's working great, but for some reason the drum machine both plays drum beats AND play piano notes on ableton. I just need the keyboard to do the drum machine simultaneously while I use it to play the piano VST. For example, if my drum machine played "dun dah, dun dah, dun dah dun duh," it will do that AND make my piano vst play "note Okay so as I said I want to hear my piano vst coming from live AND the internal drum machine on my keyboard at the same time. It's working great, but for some reason the drum machine both plays drum beats AND play piano notes on ableton. I just need the keyboard to do the drum machine simultaneously while I use it to play the piano VST. For example, if my drum machine played "dun dah, dun dah, dun dah dun duh," it will do that AND make my piano vst play "note TLDR; How does one send both Midi and Audio to a single VST instance? Context/Longer version: I just got a push and so am making the big transition to Ableton (from cubase, motu performer, yeah, I'm old). I am using some VST's that take both an audio (for a source to apply effects to) and a Midi input (to change the pitch or apply the effect). One example would be an AutoTune effect; it needs the voice input sound and a midi key to know what to shift it to. Thanks in advance. I've noticed that if a VST plugin is on a MIDI track, and I am routing AUDIO to it (assuming the plug has audio inputs), ableton doesn't let me route to the first 2 audio inputs of that plugin. Meaning - the plugin on the MIDI track has 4 audio inputs, and ableton will only let me route audio tracks to the 3/4 inputs on the plugin. How do I access the first 2 audio inputs on a plugin that is on a MIDI track. They are not present on the I/O of the midi track, and apparently not accessible. Anyone know of a program that will convert an audio file to a MIDI file? It doesn't have to work great (glitchy is better). I'd just like to take a solo instrumental track and then be able to play it from a soft-synth for "flavor". Like I said, it would probably be more interesting if it didn't work with 100% accuracy. This is almost everything I’ve learned in a year of making music. I say almost because a lot of your knowledge as a producer is simply from experience. This will be very long but I have split it up into sections about certain things I think are important. I’ve now been producing for a bit over a year and I have learned quite a lot about not just making music but actually being a producer. Even though I have a long way to go before I become even remotely good I have a lot to share I never knew there were midi controlled fx. Like where you create a midi track just to send triggers to an fx vst already on audio or a midi synth. It’s so useful to be able to throw something like ohmicide or trash 2 on a track and then have a midi triggered filter filter everything so you get the distortion in the filter sweep and not just distortion after a filter. Mannn I used to draw all the envelopes by hand. Shit is revolutionizing the way I think about processing sounds. I’ve strictly used FL Studio for the last 9 years. Six months ago, I decided to fully switch over to Ableton. I produce experimental Hybrid Trap / Dubstep stuff, so Serum / synth and bass processing is essential to my type of music. Ableton just has such amazing stock audio effect VSTs, I almost require no 3rd party ones. The Chorus audio effect is especially beneficial to me in order to get those ‘metallic’ sounds. In FL Studio, I have trouble replicating Ableton’s effects using FL stock plugin. My daughter has been taking an interest in my midi controller. She likes to cycle through new sounds by pressing the lights on my audio interface. Of course, she isn't the one that is switching presets I just pretending like she was but she has kept doing it and that means I have to keep switching them manually so you can see why I want to figure this out! I dont have to use Serum for this if someone else has another idea using Ableton or some other free vst. thanks in advance. I have a Focusrite 2i4 that I am using as a Midi Interface for my Akai MPK25. It is showing that the Midi signal is being sent (activity on bars) but when I insert a virtual instrument onto a track and hit keys on the controller it, once again, registers the input but I have no sound. Any idea what is going on? Audio system is ASIO, ASIO driver is Focusrite USB Audio. I am using a quater-inch jack headphones through the front of the midi interface. Edit: When I insert the metronome and press. Hello! I've noticed more and more posts coming from beginners asking questions along the lines of "how do I get into producing", so I decided to write this guide. This is going to be slightly opinionated based on my experiences If you don't agree with something I say, please let me know and we can discuss! The point of this guide is to be as useful as possible to newcomers. DISCLAIMER: Before I get started, I just want to say that I am by no means a professional at this. I have about. I absolutely hate using the built in sequencer to make beats. Just laying an audio sample down in the playlist is better, but I still have to sit there and play every measure over and over figuring out which beat I want what on. Is there some kind of drum kit VST that I can load my own samples into and then assign them to notes on my midi keyboard or something like that? I just want to be able to actually play the beat, even if it's just with my fingers. I know I can put each percussion sample. Hi there everyone! I've been trying for a while to get audio to work over the usb cable on my Ultranova (DAW: FL Studio 11, OS:Win10, Creative X-Fi Fatality), but I just can't seem to get it to work, though I'm under the impression that it IS possible. Midi transmits without a problem after selecting it in the settings, but alas, no audio. I have downloaded the latest usb drivers and vst from the Novation site but, no dice. Thought I might try my luck here as I'm pretty much out of ideas. Soooooooo I'm having a really big problem here. I have a vocal track of myself, and of course am using auto tune (Gsnap) because I'm not much of a singer (case in point normal auto tune just doesn't work for me yet although I was sooooo close xd). I have some midi on a second sub track (with not vsts on it just midi) under the vocal track, and I need to rout the midi and send it to Gsnap so it can pitch bend the vocal track to the melody of the song. I've created a send on this second track. As long as you have a laptop to install your music production software and plug-ins you will need 5 more studio tools. 1. DAW (music production software): With a DAW installed in your laptop you will be able to create and compose your first music ideas. You can do literally everything in there. Professional producers record, edit, mix and master their songs in a DAW before sending it to a record label. 2. Studio Headphones: for obvious reasons you need a pair of studio-quality headphone. Whether you are experiencing a creative slump or you feel that the quality of your content is nowhere near that of the pros, there are a few crucial steps that I have been neglecting to take until recently that have seriously accelerated my workflow and even improved the quality of the music I am currently working on. While this may seem like common knowledge or basic material, it is important for beginners and even some intermediates to take a step back and make sure you are doing at least. I’m a beginner piano player, wanting to play primarily piano VSTs from one of my computers and occasionally my iPad. Budget is roughly 00. What I’m most interested in: Key feel and action MIDI (USB preferred, 5 pin DIN somewhat optional, Bluetooth would be a nice touch but not required) Solid construction I’m somewhat interested in digital music creation, but probably not enough to trade an inferior key action for more workstation type features. I started out shopping Hey all, I come before you with a request: to help find a suitable drum machine. To outline: I have limited space available, so if at all possible, I'd like to stick with just one, rather than combining multiple solutions. I work mostly within the darker electronic music: Industrial, EBM, futurepop, Aggrotech, so I'm not chasing the 808 here, nor in search of realistic drums. Current setup includes an Xr18 for inputs, acting as an audio interface. A Blofeld as master keyboard, a Deepmind